Tuesday, December 23

Today we will leave for R's mom's place and will be back in Stockholm next week.

We were surprised by a snow storm that blocked Arlanda airport and delayed ferries the day after I arrived. I couldn't have chosen a better time to arrive. I bought a couple of skeins of black Highlander by Garn Studio to make R a watchcap. Poor guy froze his head off yesterday when we were Christmas shopping and I need something to do at R's mom's place besides watch TV.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 19

The flight went fine and all's well. ;)

Tsau emme!

Olen kohal ja kõik on hästi.


The socks were finished on time, everything is packed and ready. I am ready too. Only few short hours until the flight...

The weather gizmo will show Stockholm weather while I'm there.

I've put some pattern stitches to the Handwork photo album until I put up real pattern pages.

Sunday, December 14

I was hoping I could finish plying the grey-black yarn today. Didn't happen. The bobbin was not winding fast enough compared the to flyer's spinning. Being a complete newbie I didn't realize there is a screw I could adjust to change the flyer or bobbin speed. The wheel is a work of art and every bit that possibly can be turned, is turned. It never occurred to me that each bit is there for a specific purpose, not for ornamentation. Well, I'm wiser now and I'll return next year and play with the wheel some more.

Saturday, December 13

Thanks, Ryan, for the plug!

The brother's scarf was a failure. I have recieved instructions to make it shorter and wider. The result is that there will be no scarf at all because I don't have enough time to finish it before I leave. I had 1/3 of the scarf knit already, could have squeezed in the remaining 2/3, but not an entirely new one. So much for Christmas knitting this year. Sigh.

So I've returned to the socks but there isn't much progress to report. However, I have spun all the singles and plied all the two-plys. Here you can see the two-ply in it's glorious unevenness:

First spinning, two ply yarn

Today I also felted an array of pincushions: one sphere, two long cylinders, one squat cylinder, one squashed sphere and one cat poo. It was supposed to be a small squat 2 cm diameter cylinder, but it looks exatly like what I scoop out of kitty litter every morning, size, shape and color. In the end, it's not bad for my first efforts, the rest of them are presentable.

Wednesday, December 10

The glove cuff socks are progressing nicely – one foot and two toes to go. I plan to wear them at Christmas party at R's mom's place.

There is only one item I'll knit for a gift this Christmas. My brother needs a new scarf and I decided I still had enough time to finish it before I leave for Stockholm. To make it more fun I'll knit it sideways in garter stitch with a darker or lighter stripe in the center. Well, after knitting a swatch and calculating the necessary stitch count I almost tossed the idea. 380 stitches to cast on. Oy! After working on small projects for years it feels like a gargantuan undertaking, but while the rows might be long, there won't be many of them. So I cast on... and knit a row... and right now I'm somewhere along the first quarter of the second row...

I used crochet cast on and counted in tens of stitches, checking off each ten. I'm not entirely certain I did cast on exactly 380 stitches, I might have messed up the count here and there. I'm not going to count them again, even if I missed a couple, who's gonna notice? Somehow I think it'll be long enough.

Monday, December 8

New Knitty is out. As usual, there is something that I must make now! SX3 aka Sound Sysem Snugglers are spot-on for a music lover like me who listens everywhere.

Sound System Snuggler

Thanks, Knitty and Stefanie!

Sunday, December 7

Today's spinning tally: 3 more bobbins of singles spun and 4 bobbins of two-ply.

One heel with gussets is finished and the other is just past turning. I tried the finished heel on and this might be The Perfect Heel (TM).

Ever since I started to knit socks I've been trying to find the elusive Perfect Heel. I've tried short row heels over 50% or 60% of stitches. Nope, too tight over instep. Peasant heels – same thing. Heel flap and gusset with different turning styles? Better than the previous two, but not Perfect Heel. Julie's Small Gussets Coming and Going Heel fits like a glove snugging my foot lovingly. If it still feels right after I've worn the finished socks, I think I've found my Perfect Heel.

Saturday, December 6

There are a multitude of traditinal Estonian crafts you can learn and do at Rahvakunsti Klubi (Folk Art Club). Today I learned to spin on a castle type spinning wheel. I already knew how to spin on a spindle, but this was new. I used pencil rowing to get the hang of the management of the wheel while not having to get the hang of the drafting at the same time. These are the results:

First spinning

There are supposed to be two hanks of grey-black singles, but my scanner didn't want to cooperate. At least you can get an idea...

The plan is to spin six bobbins of grey-black singles, ply them in pairs and then ply all three pairs together. The end result should be thick six-ply cabled yarn. I'm curious will it work out, they are not the world's most even singles I've produced here. :)

Friday, December 5

Yay! R called and said that he got his interview questionnaire today. The interview is scheduled for January 14th and from then it takes about a month for the papers to arrive Tallinn.

I'm hoping for positive answer and that I can move in February.

Thursday, December 4

Yesterday while I was knitting on the heel I tried to figure out what technique to use to make a photo gallery. No luck.

The heel is not traditional, but a new thing by Julie Stanley via Socknitters: a small gusset with a short row heel. I have high instep and my feet are not happy with a short row heel alone. We'll see how it works out.

Tuesday, December 2

This weekend I started to knit new pair of socks. I've been researching the earliest Estonian knitting and came across a later glove cuff pattern that looks fabulous knitted in Regia Mini Ringel.

Mini Ringel Socks

The pattern repeat is 9 stitches. Round 1: * k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, s1, k1, psso; repeat from *. Round 2: knit.

You can add stitches to either side of yo's to make it wider. Or add a p1 between decreases. Very nice and versatile pattern.

Monday, December 1

Lets see if this works.