Tuesday, September 27

The work is going fine although I'm making stupid beginner mistakes. I'm satisfied with the arrangements and the client I'm working for is perfect. I even got to speak Estonian! Woot!

There isn't much to do in the hotel room besides watch TV. I have taken some yarn with me from Ireland and this being Finland, I've already bought more. One skein of Novita Raita (stripes in gray) was meant for a winter cap, but the pattern I had in mind didn't work out. The other skein (stripes in red) is for socks. A skein of rainbow-colored Novita Nalle Colori that I've had for ages was meant for socks too, but it never worked. No matter what pattern I tried it just didn't do the yarn justice. Now I'm knitting a triangular garter stitch scarf out of it. Maybe it'll work this time.

Next weekend I'll be in Tallinn and the weekend after that I'll be in Stockholm. It is unspeakably boring in the hotel in the weekend so I'm thinking of going away for the last weekend too.

Wednesday, September 21

Thanks for the welcome!

The hotel is ok, although they charge outrageous rates for the Internet. I've been issued a loaner laptop so theoretically could set up an Internet connection to the hotel room with local Wlan company. It costs a less than the hotel price, but I must buy a Wlan card for the laptop myself. I'm not sure it is reasonable to purchace some equipment for 40EUR just to have it for five weeks.

We got set up at the office today and already have solved some cases. Woot!

So far, so good.

Friday, September 16

I have a bank account now and I've sent my tax report to Tax Office. Everything is falling into place. We will fly to Finland on Monday and I'll be back in Ireland on 21st of October. Five weeks of training. Cool!

This means I can visit Tallinn and Stockholm for a weekend because we'll be staying in Helsinki. I don't know how often I can access Internet over there, but I'll try to keep you up to date.

Wednesday, September 14

Training is progressing nicely although they have upped the pace. They are sending the Finnish team to Finland for training next week. That's all I know. We haven't been told exactly when or where we are going or for how long. I hope it's for more than one week and in Helsinki so I can make a trip to Tallinn or Stockholm in a weekend.

Other than that I have no news, I'm still getting settled in, getting taxes and bank details sorted out. There is no Internet connection at the house although my landlady has kindly lent me her PC until I get my own.

I miss R and the cats terribly. I wish they were here.

Friday, September 9

It has been a busy week. The training began on Monday and I haven't had time to do much else than go home and crash. Today I will be paid for the first time and yesterday I received my PPS number. PPS is Personal Public Service number and is used by any public service to identify you. For example you can't get a bank account unless you have PPS number and without it you have to pay 42% emergency tax, with it you pay 20% tax. Hopefully I got it in time for the first pay.

Other than that there is nothing interesting going on, there has been no knitting, no sewing or bookbinding. We got cable TV connected on Wednesday and the fixed phone is still being processed. We can't get broadband through the cable TV, so I'm looking into other options. Looks glum so far. The area is so new that there are very few services available. I'll just keep looking.

Update: The PPS number will be applied to this week's pay which I'll get next Friday. Oh well, at least I'll get the difference back.

Sunday, September 4

There is an Internet Cafe/Point at Tyrrelstown center. Things are working out rather nicely. I've got an address, have applied for a PPS number and the workmates I've met are very nice. The training will begin on Monday 5th instead of 12th which is a surprise because some of the Swedes reqruited at the same time will arrive tomorrow. I'm ready to begin, however.

I've looked around here in the neighborhood, located the grocery stores and the bus stops (and the public Internet, obviously). A lot of the stores haven't opened yet, but they are scheduled to open soon. I like this place, it is quiet, peaceful and close to work. The landlady is great and my other roommate is nice too. I'm happy to be here although I wish R was with me.

Thursday, September 1

The first day at work went really well. I was so afraid of being late I ended up being 20 minutes early, which was fine. Whew! They showed us around, gave us instructions how to behave, what to expect and how to deal with local bureocracy. Then they sent us home or to do errands (bureocracy) at noon. Short, but sweet day. Tomorrow and until the training begins will probably be much the same.

One of my friends here lent me some money and I had some myself so tonight I'll be in my new home! Yay!

Until I can post again, farewell.