Wednesday, December 27

I forgot to weigh yesterday, but today's result is 82.3 with a sweater and 81.8 without it. My scales add 0.3 kilos and I weighed without the shoes, so what the true numbers are, is anyone's guess. Even after lots of very good food over Christmas, I've not gained or have even lost some. Not bad at all.

We had an international Christmas dinner this year. Everyone cooked or brought their traditional foods. There were Swedish, Finnish, Estonian and German foods on the table. Everything was fabulous and completely non-low fat.

During the preparations for Mum's arrival and Christmas, I forgot that my blog celebrated its 3rd birthday. I might not be the most regular blogger, but after three years, I'm still at it. I'm amazed.

Happy New Year!

Continuously Happy Holidays and a Marvelous New Year!

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Wednesday, December 20

Guess what? Yesterday the scales showed 82.3 kilos again. I'm getting completely confused here. What gives? Why would there be 1 kilo up one week and 1 kilo down the next?

I'm glad it didn't go up, though.

Thursday, December 14

I'm bummed. The last weigh-in this year was dreadful: 0.9 kilos (2 pounds) gained. It feels awful, I'm trying so hard and I feel lighter, the fat rolls are reduced and then 1 kilo gained?! Somehow the math doesn't make sense anymore. Booo!

Doesn't make me give up, but I dread stepping on the scales on 2nd of January.

P.S. My device change was approved! Now it is more medieval, simpler to draw, embroider, paint, knit, weave or applique. Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 6

Weight update: 82.3 kilos, total loss 3.2 kilos. Not bad, but I know I can do better. Next week is the final weigh-in of this year. I'll try not to eat too much over Christmas, but there is no telling what the scales will show at 2nd of January.