The Plan

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After some discussions with Her Excellency Dorothea, I've decided to begin with underclothes. For some events I can borrow her skirt, doublet, shirt and a hat, but one underskirt is difficult to share. I'm planning to wear the complete set at Raglan in September and this time do it properly; no cutting corners. So, by Raglan I should have:

I shall begin with the underskirt because that is the one item I can not borrow for the events this summer. It is warm enough to cheat and use modern underwear during summer as well.


The underskirt is finished!

As Her Excellency Dorothea suggested, I'm going to make a shirt next. After some research I've decided to base it on Sture shirts. The Stures were killed in 1567, byt the cut is very suitable for a shirt with a high smocked collar.


The shirt is finished!


The kirtle is sort of finished. It is wearable, but a few details remain to be taken care of.


The doublet and kirtle are finished.


There is a new plan: a project to make, trade and buy items that could have been owned by a upper-middle ranking kampfrau between 1530 and 1550.

I've divided this project into five parts and will enter each part into the Drachenwald Kingdom A&S Championship. The parts are:

For the first part, clothing, I used what I already had and modified it to suit the practical aspects of camp life. I've already begun on some of the accessories, but I need to make a final plan. The personal items is a tough one. For example, would a kampfrau own a mirror? What did it look like if she did? Then there is food... I've got a few ideas where to begin, but nothing more than that.


Part II — Accessories has been completed. I did not win the competition, but got very good marks.

For this part I made a cap, knit beret, goller, smocked apron, striped hose and a pouch with six pockets. These are the first ideas for next part: