I have finally realised that I simply cannot stick to one period — there are so many beautiful styles out there. This time I have succumbed to the lure of the Landsknecht.

I want to be able to support Her Excellency Dorothea, the current* Vicerine of Insulae Draconis, during her reign and I want to have some flashy clothes as well. Most of the clothes I've made have been peasant or servant class. You know, comfy, and you won't mind if you muck them up. Now I want to make some clothes that are flashy and that I wouldn't mind mucking them up at camping events as well. The Landsknecht Kampfrau fit the bill perfectly — versatile, comfy and flashy at the same time.

Any and all comments are most than welcome! Please send them to citikas

* As of October 2006, we have new Viceroy and Vicerine. However, I am continuing to study and experiment with this style.