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Underskirt sketch.

I've begun with the underskirt because that is the one item I can not borrow for the events this summer. Since I didn't have full 3 m of linen fabric I've had to piece it. The circumference of the skirt will be 2x the width of the fabric and the length will be 85 cm. The main fabric is natural semi-unbleached* tabby linen. The stripe is 10 cm of light blue twill linen 20 cm from the bottom of the skirt. I could have cut the stripe in one piece, but thought it would be better from construction point of view to piece that as well.

I've cut out the pieces of the main fabric and begun hemming them with hem stitch. The skirt is constructed of rectangles so I thought it would be easy to hem them all and then sew them together with overcast stitch. The seams should be very nice and flat this way.

These are the pieces for the skirt:

* The fabric was unbleached tan, but when I washed it I used detergent for whites which has bleach in it. It became noticeably lighter, but is still natural gray. I might continue to lighten the fabric in this manner or use detergent for coloured fabrics to maintain the color.


Continued hemming the main pieces and washed the fabric for the stripe.


Cut out the stripe pieces and attached one to a small gray rectangle.


Continued hemming the other small gray rectangle and the stripe. We visited the National Museum today and I didn't finish what I'd planned — to have the other stripe attached as well.


Spent the whole evening building this site.


Continued hemming and attaching the stripe.


Did some research on German Renaissance clothing and found Curious Frau. Lots of very useful stuff there.


Began hemming the first bigger piece.


Finished hemming the first bigger piece and attached the stripe to it.


Hemmed the second bigger piece, attached the stripe to it and sewed both sides together. Cut out the waistband and ties, finished the ties and sewed the skirt to the waistband.

Underskirt finished.


Sewed the side seam. The underskirt is finished!


Decided to add another blue stripe at the bottom. I think the skirt is too short. The waistband needs to be shortnened too. I was too cautious when I estimated how much bulk the shirt adds.


Cut the new stripe and began hemming.


Finished hemming the first half of the stripe.


Began hemming the second half of the stripe.


Finished hemming the secon half of the stripe. Began attaching the stripe.


Finished attaching the stripe. It is done!