Wednesday, January 21

In two and half weeks I must accomplish:

  1. Pack everything I want to take with me.
  2. Throw or give away the rest.
  3. Find a store in Tallinn that sells ziploc plastic bags.
  4. Get more boxes to cram more stuff in.
  5. Visit tax people and get my income tax declaration sorted out.
  6. Finish a website for a client by 1st of February.
  7. Take out braids and get a haircut or new braids.
  8. Meet with friends to say goodbye.
  9. Help a friend to shop fabric for a medieval dress.
  10. Give back things I have borrowed.
  11. Get back things people have borrowed from me.
  12. Empty the cupboard at work and clean out the PC.

Good thing is that I get to keep a part (web designer) of my job because it can be done anywhere with Internet connection. I will give up being an information systems analyst for the time being. The transfer from permanent contract to project-based contract is taken care of, I just need to finish the projects I'm working on now before the permanent contract ends on 31st of January.

Packing is going fine, except I can't find ziploc bags for my yarn. I don't want to throw all the skeins and balls into one big box or two, I'm not sure I could untangle the mess in Stockholm.

As always, there doesn't seem to be enough boxes to fit everything in. I should have enough for the china and books, but I don't think I have enough left over for small items after all the books have been packed. It's been suggested I check out discount stores and see if I can find good boxes there. It's a good idea, but I don't have a car and dragging boxes through snow is not good idea. I'll figure out something.

So far I intend to pack soft stuff like fabrics and yarn into plastic trash bags instead of boxes. Different color from the bags intended for trash, of course. Imageine the horror should I lose all my stash! Perish the thought! :)

I'll be busy moving out of Tallinn apartment and moving into the Stockholm apartment for a good while, but I'll try to post here more often than I have so far this year.