Sunday, April 11

Today I herded all my WIPs and took a head count. Census: three will be finished and one probably will not be.

The Black Blob aka Everyday Cardigan a la Adrienne Vittadini. It's still black, although less blob-like, and just as un-photogenic as before.

The Black Blob cardigan

The second violet sock has been put on hold to finish the Black Blob first. I have wool socks to wear, but no cardi. Brrrrr.

The second violet sock

The first Critter Knitters blankie has suffered the same fate as the violet sock. I will probably finish this one before I'll start on the socks again.

First Critter knitters blankie

There has been no progress on the first Votic mitten. Even if I will finish it, it will remain solitary. Unless, I can find somebody who needs a pair of mittens.

I do not dare to herd my UFOs lest they stampede me.