Monday, May 10

This weekend we visited R's mom. She lives on an island called Väddö, north of Stockholm. Her house is near the beach and we took a few pictures there. I still have a hard time calling this rocky coast a beach. For ma a beach = sand + warm water, neither of which is available at this place.

Beach near R's mom's place

Here you can see what a difference camera settings can make. Above is a pic I took with a 'landscape' setting and below is a picture R took with an 'auto' setting. I'll stick to 'auto' from now on.

Beach by R

Getting to the cottage you drive past a forest that is filled with small white flowers this time of the year.

Forest in bloom

Here's a close-up of the flowers. Anybody know what they're called in English?

Small white flower

Among other things it was very windy there. I didn't take precautions or medicine with me and came back with a head cold. I'll spare you the details, but the blogging is probably going to be boring this week: cough, cough, sniff, etc.

I'll take a hot bath and crawl to bed.