Friday, August 13

Last Saturday we spent the day in Kolmården Zoo with a couple of friends. It is situated 150 km south of Stockholm and we rented a car to get there. The grounds are huge and there's lots to see. First we visited the main Zoo area which houses most of the animals, then we had a little break and a picnic. After taking the Safari tour we visited the Tropicarium and drove home. We got back to Stocholm around 9 PM very tired and happy.

I will make a separate album for all the photos I took (~100), but now I'll share a few highlights.


A very curious wolverine. We think this is a young one, the other one didn't care if there were people gawking.


The bears were taking it easy in the heat. This cub was so cute I had to have a pic. Don't you just want to cuddle up with this teddybear and have a nap?


Chimpansees on the other hand were being fed and were very active. There's one being chased for the branch. Apparently it's safer to drop the branch and fetch a new one, than to try to hang onto this one.


Of course no day is complete without cats. I love all kinds of cats and tigers are some of my favorite big cats.


Lions at the Safari park were cool too. You're only allowed in in a closed car because you drive through the areas animals are contained in. Way cool! I've never seen a moose so close in my life. She was wandering around on the road and didn't care one whit that we tried to drive on it.


And because one can never have enough of cats, here are two tigers for your enjoyment.

The day was magnificent and I am determined to visit Kolmården again next year. Maybe then we'll see wolves too, they were hiding from heat on Saturday.