Monday, January 30

We moved, we painted some more, we furnished, we unpacked. Everyone is happy with the house and the rooms. There are a few quirks (for example the radiator in the upstairs bathroom heats only half way up), but what house doesn't have any?

I still want to get some stuff for our room, but I'm pretty pleased how it is shaping up. Last Friday we found some cool reading lamps. They are made from square opaque glass tube that is closed at the bottom. The glass tube is made from two layers, the inner layer is opaque white and the outer layer is clear, but has a ...

Why do I try to describe them when I have a digital camera? I've grown used to not being able to upload pics, I suppose. Well, this is going to end. The picture-taking and publishing will commence on this blog, as soon as I get a moment to actually process the images. I've been a bit too busy and also without the 'net.

The busyness comes from not only painting and furnishing, but also from sewing feverishly for an upcoming event. A Stitch in Time is held in Belfast this weekend and I haven't got anything to wear. Literally. When I moved, I didn't bring any medieval clothes with me; so I've had to make some. So far I've completed one smock and a pair of hose. Considering what else has been going on in my life it's not too bad.

Anyway, after finishing the smock on Saturday, I cut out a 1250's style tunic yesterday. I used blue twill wool and a period inspired T-tunic pattern. I had a surprising amount of the fabric left over, especially considering that I mis-measured the gores. They were meant to be 110 cm tall, but I cut them 150 cm tall. Although I hate to waste 40 cm of perfectly good fabric, it could have been worse. I could have cut them shorter and then I'd be in really deep trouble. You see, I brought with me just this one piece of wool fabric that is suitable for a tunic. Fortunately I made a mistake that does not have dire consequences.

Due to a birthday, I'm a little behind schedule, but I have full confidence I can finish the tunic by Friday night. I have 3 hours on the bus from Dublin to Belfast if I can't finish it on Thursday night. Here's the schedule:

Put in back centre gore, sew the sleeves, cut out the neckline and sew the shoulder seams.
Finish the neckline, attach the side gores (4 altogether) and the sleeves.
Sew the side seams and start hemming.

Only time will tell if I actually can stick to the plan. You'll be the first to know, of course.