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Made the pattern and cut linen lining pieces for bodice part.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, they will be added when I have time after Raglan.


Cut interlining out of gray linen and cover pieces out of red wool. Seamed, hemmed and put finishing touches to the lining of the bodice.


Attached the red wool shell to the lining and attached half of the plum stripe. Had to modify the armholes.


Finished the bodice. Cut all the layers of the breast band and put the slits in. I might have to rework them, though.


Redid the slits in the breast band. Finished it, decided that it wasn't good enough and decided to buy some purple silk thread to finish the slits properly.


Fixed the slits in the breast band. Finished it, this time hopefully permanently. Developed a sleeve pattern and cut lining pieces for both sleeves and one wool piece. It remains to be seen if it works.

Doublet front


It didn't work, I had to rework the sleeve. The top part of the sleeve was too wide. I cut the other wool piece and sewed it. Pinned the lining to the top half of the sleeve and decided to call it quits at midnight.


Finished the sleeves and attached them. The doublet is finished.

Doublet back


Things I need to work on:


Another thing i need to work on: