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Doublet II

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Made the pattern and cut linen interlining and red wool pieces for bodice part.


Cut the white lining and seamed the red shell with interlining.


Seamed the lining. Tacked down the hems of the red shell.


I can't remember exactly what I did on which day so here's a general recap.

Took the sleeves from the old doublet. Stitched the eyes to the shoulders. Put the plum trim on. Made 13 pairs of hooks and eyes. The period hooks are differently proportioned so I needed to make my own.

Decided on the style of the laces for the sleeves, but wimped out of actually making them at this point. Maybe later, I only have so much silk and I want to get it right.

18/12/2006 - 04/01/2007

I changed the plan and attached the doublet to the skirt of the kirtle. At some point in the future I'll go back to the kirtle-doublet combination.

When I marked the placement of the hooks, I marked them 1.5 cm apart. I didn't notice until I'd attached the bottom three hooks and they looked too close together. Then I counted the marks and discovered that I'd marked 18 instead of 13. Bummer.

I decided to keep the bottom ones close together because is one of the stress points. I sewed the top three close together too and used the original plan of 2 cm between marks for the rest. In the end I made two pairs more, total 15 pairs of hooks and eyes.

I added slashing to the wrist, took in the lining and attached the ribbons to the shoulder of the sleeves.

When the hooks and eyes were sewn on I took the skirt of the kirtle off and sewed it on to the doublet. Then I stitched the lining to the bodice and lined the narrow plum stripe of the skirt. The last thing to do was to add a hook and eye closure to the skirt opening too.